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Dumbbell Set

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Our dumbbell set is a fitness junkie's dream. Ranging from 2.5 kgs to 25kgs we have weights for everyone- from beginners to those at an advanced level. If you’re looking to build a home gym this dumbbell set is a must. It’s made with premium-grade iron to withstand heavy weights and stop it from rusting. Each dumbbell is designed to have an easy, strong grip and a comfortable hold.

The handles are textured to provide a solid grip even with sweaty hands. Each dumbbell is clearly marked with the weights on it for clarity and orderly storage. It is easy to clean and designed to stay in a good-as-new condition even through repeated use. 

Why it's Special?

-Built to last
-Skin-friendly Materials
-Easy-grip handle
-Made for all fitness levels
-Exterior coating to prevent rusting
-Tried, tested and used in all our clinics

Total Weight: 500kg