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Mat Pilates Pack


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What it is

The Function PCP Mat Pilates Pack is a set designed to be used for a wide range of exercises, including pilates, recovery and home-training. Easy to carry around and store, they can be easily cleaned and stowed away. The set includes everything you’ll need for a pilates home routine:

  1. Resistance bands
    The Resistance bands are great for bodyweight training. Resistance bands are used for strength training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, athletic training, sports, fitness, pilates, yoga, stretching and much more. They are great to add that extra burn to your workout. They’re super versatile and can be used to take many exercises to the next level. Whether you’re working on your arms, shoulders, legs or glutes these bands are just the thing you need. Comes with a convenient store-away and carry bag.

  2. Pilates Ring
    Function PCP’s Pilates Ring is a fitness tool that helps you build strength and balance. The ring is made of soft foam and is designed to support hands, feet and ankles when doing Pilates exercises. Best paired with our at home pilates videos. It is used to challenge the lower body and core muscles while providing a solid, stable base of support. The Pilates Ring can be used by all fitness levels.

  3. Pilates Mat
    Made with soft non-slip material this multipurpose mat can be used for yoga, stretches or Pilates. The thick cushioned material acts a soft barrier between the floor and your body when exercising. Its lightweight and elasticity means it can be easily stored away and its 100% waterproof.

  4. Pilates Block
    One of the most versatile fitness equipment on the market, this Pilates block can be used for a host of exercises. Anything from yoga and stretching to Pilates and strength training, this block is useful for them all.
    It is made with high density material to optimise your workouts. It has rounded edges and is made with slip-proof material making it safe for all ages and fitness levels. Using this block assists in the maintenance of balance and stability during your fitness routine.
    Why It's Special
    • Deepens and extends your stretches
    • Safe to use soft edges
    • Durable high-quality material
    • Provides stability and balance
    • Multipurpose- can be used for Yoga, stretches, Pilates

  5. Function socks

Why It's Special

  • The only all-inclusive Pilates kit you’ll ever need
  • Physiotherapist approved. Tried, tested and used in all our clinics
  • For all fitness levels
  • Easy to store and waterproof

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