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Plyo Box Set

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Our Plyo Box set is built with thick high-quality foam for stability, safe landing and flexibility. It’s built to endure thrusts from a variety of weights and fitness levels. The foam is densely packed and protected with non-slip, easy-grip fabric. It comes in 4 different heights to cater to people at varying levels of progress. It targets arms, chest, abs, shoulders, glutes, legs and most importantly, the core.

Our box set provides an exceptional level of stability due to its wide thick base. Since it's built to endure even the most impressive workouts it uses only the best quality materials guaranteed to provide a long-lasting shelf life. It uses soft, skin-friendly materials to prevent you from getting hurt in case of any misses.

It’s easy to assemble and lightweight so anyone can easily move it around for convince and storage.

Why it's Special?

-Built to last
-Skin-friendly Materials
-Built to be stable and safe
-Made for all fitness levels


Total Weight: 75kg