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What Is Pilates?

Simply put, Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve your strength, flexibility and posture. A phenomenon around the world, this practice provides you with better control of your core, muscles and joints. By practicing regularly, you can create better physical alignment and prevent injury in your sporting or daily activities. The Pilates offered by Function PCP in our clinics leverages our detailed knowledge of anatomy and human conditioning. With the help of our market-leading physiotherapists, we have developed what we believe to be the most effective award-winning Pilates program in the country.

By showing you the correct way to activate your muscles, our qualified Physiotherapist Clinical Pilates instructors will help you build strength and avoid future injury. Clinical Pilates at Function PCP in Putney provides guided workouts. With the support of our trained Exercise Physiologists, you’ll move better and feel better.

When done correctly, the benefits of our unique clinical Pilates far outweigh a fitness workout or weights training. Our clients benefit from our expert training in physiotherapy and human conditioning. By capitalizing on our in-depth understanding of human anatomy, we provide classes that will transform the way your body feels throughout the day.

After drastically improving their posture and core stability, our clients have told us their back, neck and shoulder aches are a thing of the past. We see Pilates as a fountain of youth. Not only does it have you moving better and feeling stronger, you’ll notice how much leaner and slimmer you have become after attending regular sessions.

The final, and perhaps even most important benefit of Pilates is all in your head. Practicing regularly can lead to stress reduction and increased mental clarity, freeing your body from the destructive impact of the daily grind. Start your journey with Function Clinical Pilates and you’ll soon feel like a new person.
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