How To Set Up The Folding Timber Reformer

1. Take your folded reformer stand out of the delivery box and unfold gently until the stand is flat. We recommend having a second person to help. 

2. If needs be, place the reformer on its side and adjust the legs by pulling the round knob and unscrewing the handles on the stand legs. Flip the stand back onto the legs.

3. Attach the foots-strap onto the hooks at the foot rest end using the clips provided. This reformer should look like this:

4. Place the poles in their slots at the end of the reformer, screwing them into place using the cog.


5. Place the carriage onto the frame and thread the rope through the pulleys from the top and then thread through cleats underneath the carriage. Your reformer should now look like this:

6. Grab the shoulder pads and place them into their slots at the headrest end of the carriage. Screw them in, using the cog screw and a washer, underneath the carriage to lock them in place.

7. To add the jump-board, simply slip it in the slots at the foot rest end of your reformer and secure it in place by tightening the cog screw.

8. To move the foot-bar, lift the bar up towards yourself and angle it to where you want it then push it gently into place. You have 6 options to choose from.

9. You are also provided with a stopper, that has 4 options where it can go, and a 2-option hook slab. For shorter people we recommend having the stopper closest to the hook slab but depending on what exercise you are doing, this can change. As for which hooks to put your springs on, for more resistance and a heavier work out, use the hooks closest to the foot rest/ furthest from the carriage. For less resistance and a lighter work out, use the hooks furthest from the foot rest/ closest to the carriage.

10. Your reformer has now been fully set up! Grab your sitting box, turn on our online programs and Move Better, Feel Better, Look Better at home with The Pilates Shop.

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